Help available in how to participate in local decision making

Empowering local communities is a catchy phrase but how can it be accomplished?

If you are part of a community body that wants to make a participation request, Orkney Islands Council can provide support and assistance to community bodies that are:

  • Considering the option of making a participation request.
  • In the process of making a participation request.
  • Participating in an ‘outcome improvement process’.

What is an Outcome Improvement Process?

A change that results from what organisations provide or deliver – for example, an improved environment and increase in physical activity levels arising from the development of a community park. A participation request must set out the outcome that the community participation body wants to improve’.

To discuss a participation request, please contact Anna Whelan on 01856873535 extension 2160, or by email

Find out more at the OIC Participation Request page

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act


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