Discovering Ancient People in Orkney

A Reader’s experience of her first visit to Orkney

by Charleen Anna Louise

Charleen Anna Louise

Charleen Anna Louise

Wow where do I begin! me and my partner Nick have had such a wonderful experience going back in time 5000 years! I do like archaeology but I didn’t know just how much until I spent time on  Orkney in Scotland I went with an open mind and a desire to learn and see something new and as someone that works for spirit I knew that I was being guided to go for a reason  which made me even more interested.

Orkney is a group of islands north of  Scotland known for their remoteness and archaeology and changeable weather! This I found out!

We decided on no bed and breakfasts and no campsites’ we would live and travel in our Renault van which had a bed in the back and  because we arrived at night time on the Saturday we just parked up by the sea and went to sleep .

Sunday morning we started our day with posh coffee in my cafetière and had breakfast cleaned up in the public toilets and we went to the “TOMB OF THE EAGLES”after we were pulled out of the sand by a tractor!!  Yes we actually did get stuck in the sand which brought a few laughs to start off the day.

The Tomb of the Eagles is a Neolithic burial chamber dating back 5000 years . We first had a look at some of the finds which included humans skulls bones and other items before walking through open fields to see a Bronze Age site which was some sort of ancient sauna.

After this we walked by the cliff edge next to the sea towards where the tomb was .There was something really magical in this walk.The sound of the ocean crashing against the rocks with great views and as we got closer to the tomb I could feel the energy of peace and love,  a feeling that I was not expecting at all. As I got closer I noticed a small tunnel which was the entrance leading into the tomb which was built into the rocks.


Before I could think about it, I found myself laid back on a board on wheels and I was pulling myself along with the rope above me into the tomb. We were alone and this gave me a chance to tune into the energy.    It is said that these people worshipped the birds and they would leave out the body to be de fleshed by the eagle before putting the bones into the tomb . DE fleshing the body was very important 5000 years ago .

We spent awhile here before heading to the next tomb which was called “CUWEEN TOMB” on the mainland not far from a place called Kirkwall .We had to walk up a big hill and it was a windy day. The setting for the tomb was just beautiful and I loved the energy of this place. Cuweem CairnYou may think it is strange of me to say that I love the energy of tombs but if you were inside one then you would understand what I mean about total peace, harmony, balance, love ,honour and respect that these people had for their loved ones and pets.  This tomb had over 20 human skulls found along with bone and the bones of 24 dogs .We spent awhile here and then sat on the grass outside just thinking about the people all those years ago carrying there dead up that hill! And through a little tunnel.

Cuween Cairn inside

Inside the tomb at Cuween

I was tired thinking about it and was ready to go home to our van. We found a lovely spot to camp by the sea and headed back for the night.


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