Bringing Back Skills and Having Fun

The 5th Orkney Scouts

The Orkney News loves to hear about those who are making a difference in our community. Norma Nicholson tells us about the 5th Orkney Scouts and their latest fundraiser on 26th November in the Hope School.

By Norma Nicholson

The 5th Orkney Scouts started up 4 years ago in St Margaret’s Hope with the help of Richard Buchan.

At the start there was a small group of Beavers . Over the first year the group ended up with Cubs and Scouts as well . We now have around 40 kids and are always on the look out for adult helpers and leaders as we don’t want to start turning kids down from such a great experience in the childhood.

There was no start up money for our group so we have been fundraising to help buy equipment for camping .

5th Orkney scouts caldendarWe have calendars that we sell every year where the kids take the photos as part of their badge work.

Just now we have main leaders and thankfully good support from some parents to help also.

Our group is all about giving kids the chance to take a little risk in a controlled environment , getting out doors and away from technology.

Bringing back skills that have been lost and having loads of fun.

5th Orkney Scouts

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