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I have found myself spending an unexpected couple of weeks with my Mum and Dad, so this weeks poem has been chosen to celebrate this most special of time.

Fran Bert





It’s knowing where your roots are

That sometimes gives you wings.

It’s knowing there’s a place to go

To escape the awful things.


It’s knowing there will always be

At least one person on your side.

Who’ll listen to your problems

And go along with you for the ride.


It’s comfort and it’s heartache

It’s pride and disappointment too.

It’s holding on and letting go

Cherishing old and accepting new.


It’s waiting for the next little one

To come and steal your heart.

And wondering how being called


Is such a warm and fuzzy start.


It’s watching time go racing by

Days, then weeks,then years.

It’s missing those who go too soon

To mix your laughter with your tears.


It’s remembering and forgetting

Loving and arguing too.

It was God’s plan from the start

And it’s still holding true.


So hold each day like precious crystal

That might break if you let go.

For roots and wings are compatible


Make sure your children know.

By Faye Cook





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  1. Families, continue………….


    I am the family face;
    Flesh perishes, I live on,
    Projecting trait and trace
    Through time to times anon,
    And leaping from place to place
    Over oblivion.

    The years-heired feature that can
    In curve and voice and eye
    Despise the human span
    Of durance – that is I;
    The eternal thing in man,
    That heeds no call to die.

    Thomas Hardy

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