Sgathaich: Voltron Legendary Defender

Christmas SgathaichI have this phrase “Thank you Voltron“. It  means to me when I have found something nice, good, interesting or thoroughly entertaining on Netflix. This is because Voltron Legendary Defender was what sold me Netflix, so when ever I find anything else I enjoy it’s all thanks to this one show convincing me to get it.

Voltron Defender of the Universe was an American and edited version of the Japanese anime Beast King GoLion (with some hilarious editing to hide a main character dying as well as making him Norwegian, yes the accent was hilarious).It was hugely popular in the 80s and a sort of precursor to Power Rangers featuring 5 people who pilot giant robot lions that combine together to form an even bigger humanoid robot.  It had two not nearly as successful sequel series (not counting the original sequel series that never even got completed).

Voltron Legendary Defender is a reboot to the series, taking elements and names from both Voltron and GoLion. It is brought to us by Dreamworks (Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, etc) and Studio Mir who animated the legend of Korra. People who watched the Avatar series (not the Shyamalan movie) will recognize the animation which looks great. The series focuses on team Voltron and their fight against the Galra empire and the evil emperor Zarkon who has taken over most of the known universe.

The series is a good mix of action and comedy and the characters are all fleshed out and explored throughout the series. The series starts with a 69 minute opener that helps you get to grip with the concepts, you soon begin to learn key parts about all the leads while also getting hints about where they are going. While I can’t say there is any big mystery underlying the plot there are details that are revealed as the series goes on that add to the story and opens up strange and interesting plot details. Just when you think things may be settling down something happens or is revealed that though wouldn’t be too much of a plot twist it adds another level into this universe.

But once again the key drawing point is the characters both good and bad guys are fleshed out adding more to them but I have the difficulty of if I go into them too much I ruin you discovering them for yourself. I will say this series version of Pidge is my favourite character and has character arc and growth, as well as a twist to the character that fans of the original may find surprising. (Keith can go burn in a fire though)

But here’s me acting like the story is finished, it’s not. At time of writing this 3/4 (because I consider season 3 and 4 to be two halves) have been made and judging by the intended episode count we are about half way through and lots upon lots of story to come. So if you have Netflix or have been wondering about getting Netflix (cause I’m fairly sure its only on Netflix) go check out the Legendary Defender… oh and maybe see some of the old episodes, they are up there too so you can laugh at the horrendous Norwegian accent (do so before seeing season 3, you will thank me).

Rating: spear  spear spear spear spear

(look this whole month is things I really like so be surprised if anything is below that rating)

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