Transforming Healthcare in Orkney

A Look at the New Balfour Hospital

Orkney’s new 2 storey hospital  will house a range of emergency, outpatient, day case and inpatient services supported by high dependency, diagnostic and theatre facilities.

It will also include Skerryvore and Heilendi GP practices and NHS Orkney’s dental practice  making it not only a hospital but a healthcare facility.

In addition it will also accommodate the Scottish Ambulance Service and provide a base for NHS 24.

Built by the Robertson Group who will also maintain it for 25 years.

Costing £64million the majority of the finance  has come from the Scottish Government under a Non Profit Distributing (NPD) funding model. Details can be found here.

Watch: Pragmatism and inspiration: transforming healthcare on Orkney

The 49 bed hospital will also have conference rooms, a restaurant, seating areas, shop, therapy garden and a children’s play area. There will be 320 car parking spaces with   10 electric car charging points, accessible parking and cycle shelters.

The design of the building was inspired by those of the past. It is thought that its use of renewable energy for a hospital and healthcare facility will be unique in Europe.

Cathie Cowan, Chief Executive of NHS Orkney said:

“This has delivered everything I could have wished for”

Reporter: Fiona Grahame



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  1. And, hopefully, folk won’t need to go to Inverness and Aberdeen so much for ‘tests’. Getting stuck in either of those places, due to weather conditions, and having to stay in an hotel, when you’ve just had a very uncomfortable ‘treatment’, is no fun at all!!


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