Detecting the Cause of Strokes

researchResearchers at Edinburgh University have  developed a new approach which could revolutionise the way doctors manage strokes caused by bleeding in the brain, known as intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH).

It would take a simple blood test and a routine brain scan to provide key genetic information that may help identify those most at risk from a second stroke.

Dr Mark Rodrigues Wellcome Trust Clinical PhD Programme Fellow, University of Edinburgh said: 

“Identifying the cause of a brain haemorrhage is important to planning patient care. Our findings suggest that the combination of routine CT scanning with APOE gene testing can identify those whose ICH has been caused by CAA – a group who may be more at risk of another ICH or dementia.”

The most common cause of intracerebral hemorrhage is high blood pressure (hypertension). It can occur at any age but increases the older a person gets.It takes place  when a diseased blood vessel within the brain bursts, allowing blood to leak inside the brain.  Cells can become damaged and it could lead to unconsciousness and in the worst cases death.

You can decrease your chances of ICH by:

  • not smoking
  • treating heart disease
  • treating high blood pressure
  • keeping diabetes under control
  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle

The work by Edinburgh University researchers is a major advancement in preventing those most at risk from having a second stroke.



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