Tory Tax Proposals Would Cut Funding to the NHS in Scotland

Local MSP Maree Todd, SNP has hit out at Tory tax proposals claiming it could mean cuts of up to £2.4 million in Orkney, according to new Scottish Government analysis.

Maree Todd said:

Maree Todd MSP

Maree Todd MSP

“The Tory tax plans would blow a whopping £500 million hole in our budget – and Orkney could lose up to £2.4 million. That’s on top of the economic turbulence created by Brexit uncertainty and a decade of UK government austerity.

“Tory Tax proposals would be devastating to our valuable public services in Orkney, including the NHS – and would be equivalent to cutting 57 nurses in the region.

“Under the SNP, the NHS has record staffing and record funding – and the draft budget would see that funding increased.

“But this investment is only possible because of the decisions taken by the Scottish Government, with progressive policies seeing higher earnings paying slightly more to support public services.

“It’s high the time for the Tories to explain why they’d prefer to give a handout to millionaires than to fund our hospitals.”

According to analysis by the Scottish Government the proposals put forward by the Tories would result in the following cuts to funding of the Scottish National Health Service

 Territorial Board   £501 million reduction Equivalent number of nurses
Ayrshire and Arran  


Borders   -10.5 251
Dumfries and Galloway   -14.9 356
Fife   -34.1 816
Forth Valley   -27.2 651
Grampian   -49.5 1185
Greater Glasgow & Clyde   -111.9 2680
Highland   -32.3 773
Lanarkshire   -61.9 1482
Lothian   -74.2 1777
Orkney   -2.4 57
Shetland   -2.5 59
Tayside   -39.3 941
Western Isles   -3.3 79
Total   -501.0 12000

The Scottish Parliament set to vote on Stage 1 of the draft budget this month. According to the Scottish Government the Tories proposed tax cuts for high earners would leave a £500 million hole in the budget.



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  1. If these idiotic Tory plans ever came to fruition they could never ask Q’s at FMQ’s about staff shortages.ever again!!!

  2. “Something’s gotta give.” And it will. Hard to live, in these times, but, we do, they pass, and we carry on. Hard when it’s happening though – and when you know that it needn’t.

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