Finnie:Base Scotland’s Public Energy Company in the Highlands & Islands

It was back in October 2017 that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon,announced the  intention to set up  a publically owned not for profit energy company for Scotland.

“to sell energy, whether bought wholesale or generated in Scotland, to customers at as low a price as possible, and in so doing to potentially provide people with more choice, and particularly those for whom fuel poverty is a key concern.   The commitment is to have the Company operational by the end of this current Parliament (March 2021).”POEC

Local MSP John Finnie, Scottish Greens has called upon the Scottish Government to base the national energy company in the Highlands and Islands area.

John Finnie said:


John Finnie MSP, Scottish Green Party

“The Highlands and Islands has the potential to become the engine room of Scotland’s sustainable future, yet suffers from some of the highest rates of fuel poverty.

“It is my hope that communities in the region are able to share in the benefits of the sustainable energy produced in their area and enjoy the benefits that will come with a move to a publicly owned, renewable powered energy company.

“I have written to the Scottish Government urging them to base their new public energy company in the Highlands and Islands. There are many excellent sites across the region which would make an excellent home for the new company and allow the area to capitalise on the abundance of skilled jobs which can be created in Scotland’s new economy.”

A Scottish Government summit has been held with  Ofgem,  consumer groups and energy suppliers to address the rising costs to consumers of energy bills with increasing numbers struggling to pay them.

Angela Constance, Equalities Minister in the Scottish Government said:

“During the summit suppliers agreed to do more to assist those struggling to pay their energy bills and report back to government Ministers on their actions and progress. This information will feed into the work of the Scottish Government’s newly formed consumers and markets taskforce.”

The consultation on Fuel Poverty remains open until 1st February 2018

Consultation on a Fuel Poverty Strategy for Scotland

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