Bernie’s Stories: The Mice in the Attic

Here’s the tale of how I asked the mice to move out of our attic…………………

mice-2209388_960_720Before we moved to Orkney, we lived in Suffolk, in a small cottage, in a row of 5, which used to be the farmworkers cottages, for the local farm, so, quite old, pre. 1870 (we know this, because a man who came to change a ceiling light for us, found rushes and horse-hair, in the ceiling, being used as insulation. He said they stopped doing that, round there, in about 1870, so, we could place the building date, reasonably well ).  Actually, that doesn’t have much to do with the story!  Mice live in new houses, too.

So, when we moved in, we found we had a problem with mice, our neighbours, said they did, too, some more than others.  The main thing, was, they’d stomp about, in the loft.  Though they’re only little mice, when they’re running about in the loft, it makes a lot of noise!  So, at first, we put peppermint oil on the rafters, in the loft.  Rodents don’t like mint, it used to be used as a strewing herb, in the old days.  This would work, for a while, but then the oil would evaporate, and the mice would come back!

So, one morning, I was lying in bed, trying to sleep, with the mice, having a barn dance, above my head, and I thought that it couldn’t go on.  So, I connected with the mice, and asked them to leave the house.  I suggested that they could live in the bank at the bottom of the garden, in the summer, and in the shed, in the winter.

The mice left, and never came back!  We had a bird table, in the yard, and we’d see the mice , in the winter, coming out from under the shed door, getting bits which had dropped from the bird table, and scurrying back, into the shed.  Sometimes, they took bits which were too big, which caught under the door!  As I used up the wood, in the woodpile, I’d find their nests, so, I’d just move the nest, into a different part of the wood pile.  Everybody happy.

I say they never came back, and we were there, for 10 years, so it wouldn’t be the same mice.  I reckon I connected with mouse-kind, and the information, spread.  I don’t know if you’ve come across this idea, before.

Blue tits, in one part of Britain, started pecking holes in the top of milk-bottles, then, all over Britain, other Blue tits, did the same.  Also, rats in laboratories, learnt various things, and rats in other labs, in other countries, suddenly had the same abilities.  There’s a lot about it in ‘Supernature’ by Lyall Watson.  Anyway, our mice never came back into the house, and lived outside, instead.

I had a neighbour, there, called Joyce, who told me she was going to put down poison, as mice were eating plants in her greenhouse, so, when she was away, I was watering her plants for her, and I sat in the greenhouse, quietly, and asked the mice, to not go there anymore, as she would kill them.  I suggested that they go and live in the garden next door to Joyce, which belonged to a young man, called David, who pretty much let it grow wild, so, they’d have places to live, and not be disturbed.  Joyce told me, that, strangely, her plants weren’t being eaten anymore!

Andrew (Roo) has a similar tale.  He had a problem with rabbits eating his vegetables.  So, he connected with the rabbits, and asked them to leave his veg. alone, and would they like to eat the things in his compost heap, instead?  Plenty of carrot tops and cabbage stems, all year round.  The rabbits stopped eating his veg.  again, presumably, all of rabbit-kind picked up on this, as it continued to be so.  I know he’s a hard-nosed business-man, but he’s a lot else, as well.

So, there you are, all our connectedness.



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  1. very interesting Bernie , lovely it worked for you , used to try and convince the Rabbits to stay outside the garden that they could go else where on the croft and all would be well but not the garden. So far it has not worked

    • Hi Zara
      You say it hasn’t worked for you? Here’s a similar tale……….

      Some years ago, a friend of mine was concerned about the annual slaughter of whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands, and had asked what could we do, apart from supporting the wildlife organizations involved, and bothering The Powers That Be – I replied, and she replied….here it is…..

      —– Original Message —–
      From: Bernie Bell
      Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 3:59 PM
      Subject: Dolphins, again

      I was sitting, thinking about what could be done about that slaughter of the whales and dolphins, as well as what the International wildlife groups are presumably doing, already. Here’s what it came to me to do………
      I was sitting, thinking about it, when it came into my mind, to ask the dolphins, to avoid the Faroe Islands. to connect with the dolphins, in the ocean of energy which is all life, and, in that place, ask them, or advise them, to avoid that area of sea. I held an image of that bay in my mind, and projected it to them, asking them to avoid it, to avoid the Faroe Islands, though they probably think of them by another sound than we do. I’m not sure how the people get them all into the bay, possibly by surrounding them in boats and ‘herding’ them, so, I also advised, that when the boats surround them, to dive deep, swim under the boats, and out to sea. The main message I was sending, was to avoid that place, as they will be killed, and I sent them images of the place, so they’d know where I mean. I did this, very intensely and intensively.
      This may sound a bit nuts, but I’ve done something similar before, when I asked the mice to leave our attic.
      Have you ever read ‘Supernature’ by Lyall Watson? in that, he describes how creatures of the same species, but miles and miles apart, all suddenly ‘learn’ how to do something. Collective conciousness. In that case, they’re the same species, but I don’t see why communication shouldn’t cross species, with good-will as the main idea.
      So, I gave it a go. It felt right. It’s worth a try. It’s always worth a try!
      I thought I’d tell you about it, as you might be interested in the idea. Even when we feel quite powerless, there’s always something we can do. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
      Keep on wishing for the good stuff!

      Hi Bernie,
      I do like your idea. I could incorporate what you suggested, into a healing session and do the visualisation in the same way that you have done. So long as we are doing something positive for these animals. It is amazing how you can use the healing energy for all sorts of things. So long as the intention is right and enough people are concentrating on communicating with the dolphins, I think it could work!

      From this, it could be said that this approach hasn’t worked, as the slaughter continues, but – who knows? who knows if some of them have avoided it? In any case, we do, what we do – if we do what we can, in any situation, and do what we think is for the best – well, it’s all we can do, isn’t it? Whether it is seen to have ‘worked’ or not – we just …keep on keeping on!

  2. Hello Claire Wakefield
    I don’t do Facebook, so I can’t answer you, there.
    Rats? I’ve previously had this conversation with someone!
    In theory, it should ‘work’ with any living thing – but, at the same time, I think it might depend on the general attitude of the creature you’re trying to connect with. I have nothing against rats, as long as they stay outside, but – they do have a different attitude to mice. I’ve known people with pet rats, and those rats were ok, even liked to be stroked. Each creature has a particular way of being, then, within the species, each individual has their own way of being. I may be entirely mistaken, but….rats, well, they are very, very wilful, and they are one of the world’s most successful survivors. You don’t achieve that, by being accommodating. I just don’t think they would have any interest in connecting with us, especially if we were asking them to do something they don’t want to do. They are ……rats!
    One thing though. When we moved into the house we live in, we saw rats in the garden – there would be, as we live in the countryside and you’re never far from a rat, in the countryside. I don’t think you’re ever far from a rat, anywhere, as they are in the drains. That’s by the by. We saw a few rats, but, as long as they didn’t come inside, I didn’t mind too much. We had our little dog then, Ben, who was a Jack Russell Cross. I’m not keen on things randomly killing things, but, a Jack Russell is a killing machine – and a very efficient one. It’s in their nature – they enjoy it! He killed a few rats, one neat bite to the neck. We didn’t see any more rats. I don’t know if they we there or not, but we didn’t see them.
    Ben passed from this life, nearly 7 years ago, and we still don’t see rats.
    I don’t know – maybe rat-kind got the message out there – “Don’t go there – there’s a killer-dog”? I don’t know, but it’s a fact, that we haven’t seen rats in the garden, since.
    Anyway, Claire – the answer is – I don’t know, as I’ve never tried to ask rats to leave somewhere, as I don’t mind them, as long as they are outside. We did stop seeing them in the garden, after Ben had killed a few, and we still don’t see them. Draw your own conclusions.
    You could give it a go? You don’t know, unless you try!
    I do think it can depend on the general willingness and attitude of the creature that you are dealing with.
    Humans? Hmmmmmmmm. I pass on that one.

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