Toiletries Amnesty: Can You Help?

OToiletries Amnesty ORCrkney Rape Crisis are collecting donations for their ‘Toiletry Amnesty’ so that they can stock calming Emotional First Aid Kits. This is running for the whole of January and will be an annual event.

They have already had a very positive response and are looking for donations of toiletries including sanitary wear, candles, brushes and combs. Men’s items are also needed.

Local MSP Maree Todd, SNP  visited Orkney Rape Crisis on Friday and helped unpack packages sent by members of the Young Women’s Movement Network.

Maree Todd said:

Maree with Hailey from Orkney Rape Crisis centre unpacking donations

Maree with Hailey from Orkney Rape Crisis

“I think this is a fantastic initiative, I’ve often found I have more toiletries than I can possibly use after Christmas – now I know where to send them!

“When I visited Orkney Rape Crisis last week, I saw toilet bags being packed with useful bits and bobs. The kits include really positive affirmations and some donors have been writing lovely letters too.

“What a great way to contribute.”

 Zelda Bradley, Orkney Rape Crisis said:

“Everyone has items at home for their physical health like plasters, pain killers or cough medicine. We thought it would be helpful for our service users to have an emotional first aid kit too.

“The kits can be personal, include grounding techniques, stress busting information, emergency numbers, relaxing hand creams, feet soaks etc. Also favourite films, music and positive affirmations.

“We’ve had very positive feedback from people using their kits to manage flashbacks and low mood. We could all benefit from having one don’t you think? “

Please call 872298 to arrange collection/drop off of items.

Orkney Rape Crisis is looking for self identified women to apply to volunteer on our local board. If you are passionate about our service values and specifically have skills related to fundraising and financial management we would be delighted to discuss what is involved. Tel 872298


consentCoping with the trauma of sexual violence can be hard and you do not have to do this alone. Whatever you may feel at this time or whatever the circumstances, you are not to blame for what happened. We will not judge you. We will listen to you, believe you and treat you with respect.

Phone us on 01856 872298 or email


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