Our Trip to the Isle of Lewis: 3 – Calanais

By Bernie Bell


First, we went to the information centre, to get some idea of how to get to where we wanted to go. This is well done, with lots of information, and also some ‘gifts’, including a reproduction of the Ball of Towie by Simant Bostock. Or, I hope they still have these, as it was 5 years ago!

Another valuable source of information, is the exhibition which Margaret Curtis has in a large shed next to her house. Margaret and her husbands, produced some very thoroughly researched booklets about the Calanais monuments.  It could be worth asking at the visitor centre, if Margaret still has her exhibition open to the public, and, if so, it really is well worth making an appointment with Margaret to  go and see it, and to talk with Margaret – an extremely knowledgeable woman.  If you’re allergic to cats, best avoided – as Margaret has many!

There’s the main  Calanais site  – words fail me!

Calanais B Bell

There are also quite a few ‘satellite’ sites, with Gaelic names – best to get a map and/or a booklet!

Standing stones on Lewis B Bell

The entrance to this site, has an imaginative gate!

gate on Lewis B Bell

And  – how’s this for an individual stone!

standing stone on Lewis B Bell

Then to .……..

standing stones on Lewis 3 women B Bell

The story is that these stones represent the three stages of a woman’s life – maiden, matron, and crone.  I can see it – they look like they’re having a good yarn together!

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  1. You’ve been/are everywhere! Anywhere we go, there’s Fursbreck Pottery and copies of ‘Skara’ for sale.
    You enjoy creating, and it looks like you also enjoy delivering – to some wonderful places.

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