Plastic Fantastic ?: Orkney Zerowaste Exhibition

Plastic Fantastic PosterThe exhibition staged by Orkney Zerowaste  running  upstairs in The Anchor Building Kirkwall is entitled Plastic Fantastic. Imaginative entries are on display from all over Orkney and by using plastic exhibitors are raising awareness about the careless disposal of it on our environment.

The exhibition is on until 3rd March.

Shield: Anne Mathison

Bird,Super Shape,Squeaky,Sargent Flint,Philliomina,The Rainbow Macaw,Frank, Cheemy: Alex Cooper, Scott Rendall, Conor MacLeod, Adele Pirie, Elizabeth Gorn, Kalle Shearer, Guy Summerfield, Einar Muir, Charlotte Hume, Jessica Sinclair, Erika Poke

Drastic Plastic & Sea Bounty: Peter Crossman

Beach Comber: Anonymous

Skaill 1, Skaill 2 & Marwick: Kenny Harris, Daisy Reay

Crofter’s Trug, Dun Huntin & Plenty More Fish in the Sea: Jenny Hall

C.B.: Nick Fabin

Flower Power: Dawn,Aiden & Orli Shearer

Plastic Joint Table: Lee Arrowsmith

Bad Dream Catcher: Mary Harris

Heart Suncatcher & Hanging Bead Hearts: Elizabeth Arrowsmith

Plastic Sea Plastic Sealife: Hellen Galland

fLOOer burst: Shona Garson

I.C.Splat: Fiona Grahame

In Bloom: Veronica Mikalauskaite

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