Equipping the New Balfour Hospital

Orkney’s new hospital and the new care home St Peter’s, Stromness will have the most up to date hoist equipment to assist with moving and handling.

Innova Care Concepts  have been awarded the contracts for both facilities. amounting to £177,000.  The company will be providing and installing 45 ceiling track hoist systems across both sites with an array of hoist units. This includes coverage in bariatric suites, operating theatres, and over a Changing Place facility.

Bob Oliver of Innova who admitted that there were challenges to transporting and fitting equipment in Orkney said:

““We liaised with the clients for a long time before being awarded the contracts. We held many consultation sessions right from the beginning to discuss their needs and how the hoist systems would be used. The systems we’re supplying will actually be the only hoists on the islands, which is quite extraordinary!”

Bob Oliver looking over structural plans for Orkney Hospital

Bob Oliver looking over structural plans for Orkney Hospital

Tom Hulbert,also of Innova  said:

“At Innova, we’re always pushing ourselves to go the extra step and reach farther than before – and we’ve done that quite literally with these Orkney projects. It will be great to see our hoists and tracking in both facilities, and our team looks forward to working in Orkney.”

The work in both the hospital and the care home starts towards the end of summer. Innova’s  AirRise hoist units and AirGlide360 tracking will be used on both projects.

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