Poetry Corner: The Child

Child by Mike BellBy Mike Bell

In a cave, in a wood, in a land beside the sea

Sits a Child, inside a Man, inside a Mind that thinks it’s Me

Says the Child, “I am a bird, and long for sky to set me free”

Replies the Mind, “Stay inside, here is all you need to see”

And the Man looks the other way

‘Cos he don’t know what to say

He’s not listening anyway

Scared of living in the day.


And the air, up above, weaves its whirling weather ways

Autumn winds strip the leaves, to let in the Winter’s gaze

Snow then falls, it goes on falling, for days and days and days

Until the Sun breaks through the clouds, with the searchlight of his rays

And though the world is wild and wide

Still the Man says, “Here I’ll bide

Where it’s warm and safe inside

For the Child has surely died.”


So it goes, until one day, when a Woman’s gentle eyes

Open to the hidden Child, by looking past the Mind’s disguise

So that Love now fills the void of a thousand fearful lies

If growing up means growing cold, it’s foolish to be wise

And though gales and storms are rough

Still the Child rides the airs above

For the cave is not enough

Find Joy when Fear gives way to Love

(To the tune of Windmills of My Mind)

Child by Mike Bell

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