The things you find…

By Bernie Bell

Mike was walking down the steps from the Old Academy car park, Stromness to cross Franklin Road, when he noticed this, tucked into the wall.

 You can just about make out the words “By Milly” – Who is Milly?  What is she? ( Who is Sylvia?  What is she? – W. Shakespeare) Is this her cat?  What’s the cat called?

The things you can see, if you keep your eyes open, just going about your daily life, in Orkney.

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  1. Bernie, what is it? But you’re right you do find some amazing things especially on the beach.

  2. Well, Charles, I have no idea! Maybe random art by a Stromnessian? or a student? or someone just having fun – bringing a bit of a lift to the day, for those who see it? Jackie Morris, who lives in Wales, paints golden mazes on stones, then leaves them on her walks, tucked into trees, or walls, or at the beach.

    Sometimes she finds them again, sometimes not.
    I know someone, here on Orkney, who says she might paint dragons on stones, and leave them around the islands – a flock of Orkney dragons. Or, then again, she might not.
    Thank heavens for lively-minded people!

  3. This is a new project in Stromness called Stromness Rocks, the aim is to bring a smile to your day by leaving painted rocks for you to find. The local youth clubs and individuals have been painting rocks for anyone to find and keep, re-hide, or get involved by adding their own masterpieces! A great way to get children out and about, and get creative at the same time. Adults too!

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