11:87 Theatre Company is going to the Brighton Fringe

Heimatmann at Brighton Fringe

Brighton F 1

Brighton Fringe

11:87 Theatre Company is going to the Brighton Fringe in May with a new play by West Mainland resident John Casey.

‘Heimatmann’ is about Georg Elser who came within minutes of assassinating Adolf Hitler and saving over sixty million souls destined to perish in WW2.

John plays Swabian Georg as an elderly, joke telling, beer swigging ghost who invites the audience to explore why he decided to stop the war by blowing up Nazis at a Munich beer hall in nineteen thirty nine.

Jessie Waterfield

Jessie Waterfield

The show also features traditional German Folk songs sung by London based singer/actress Jessie Waterfield who played the tragic Sophie in 11:87’s musical THE WAY IT IS at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Josephine LoppEast Mainland based folk singer/songwriter Josephine Lopp is Musical Director for the show.


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  1. Big thumbs up to John, and Josephine, and all involved – I’m pleased to see this happening.
    The spirit of the Royal Music Nights lives on.
    And, talking of spirits – I can just see you playing that part, John!
    Breaking of legs, all round.

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