Mini Beast from the east is back. Comfort food time!

By Dream Angus



As the cold wind blows and we can all do with something warm and comforting to eat. The mini ‘beast from the east’ may be with us over the weekend so here is a warming recipe to keep us all warm.

This is called a peanut, chicken and baby spinach stew.It is really a twist on a chicken curry. You can alter the chilli and spice level to taste but here is one version.

Peanut, chicken and baby spinach stew


Two chicken breasts

4 chicken thighs

1 bag of baby spinach

1 red pepper

1 or 2 courgettes

2 onions

Bunch of fresh coriander

One tin of coconut milk

A thumb sized piece of fresh ginger ( I have big thumbs)

3 garlic cloves

Vegetable oil

Peanut butter 1 tablespoon

For the garlic and onion paste:

Put the peeled ginger, coriander, half of the red pepper, one onion and garlic in a food processor and whizz into a paste

Dream Angus recipe

Cooking the stew:

In a heavy based pan fry the other chopped onion, courgette and red pepper.

Dry spice mix:

Dream Angus recipe 2 spices


2 teaspoons of Garam Masala

1 each of chilli powder; coriander,cumin and turmeric ( If you have fresh chillies put them in the with the garlic and ginger paste instead)

1 piece of cassia bark or cinnamon

A pinch of cumin seeds

1 or 2 black cardamoms (best to fish these out when they float to the top near the end of cooking time)

1 or two bay leaves

1 chicken stock cube

Add the dry spice mix to the vegetables and mix to coat

Add chopped chicken and mix to coat

Keep mixing and add the garlic and ginger paste and mix well

If it seems too dry and a small amount of water at this point. You also add a ‘good dollop’ of peanut butter (tablespoon) at this stage and the chicken stock cube.  This makes the mixture quite thick and water may be needed to stop it sticking. Lower the heat.

Dream Angus recipe 3


Adding the spinach

It doesn’t look like you will fit a full bag of baby spinach into this pan but it will fit. Add the spinach, or should I say pile it on the top! Gentle place a lid over the spinach and wait  a minute.It wilts very quickly and can be stirred in easily. Allow to simmer for a few minutes on a low heat. After shaking the tin of coconut milk, open it and add it to the stew.

Dream Angus recipe 4Dont forget to take out the cardamoms!

Taste and add salt if required.

Serve with boiled rice or just in a bowl with some nan bread or pitta bread.

Leave out the chilli for less heat.Reduce the Garam Masala for less spice and of course warn people about the peanuts!

Can also be served with bit of natural yoghurt. Hope you enjoy.


Dream Angus


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