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As many people are aware The EU Withdrawal Bill is making its way through Westminster, many in Scotland are worried that this is going to end up being a power grab from The Scottish Parliament. An event this Friday is hoping to raise awareness of this, here is a poem written for Friday.

Hands Off Our Parliament

Scottish Parliament

© Copyright kim traynor


This ninny called Helen

She may wear her pinny

At hands off our Parly on Friday

We’ll cook up a storm

As we all stand there strong

We’ll send a loud message to London

Together we’ll stand

Holding each others hands

Encircling this beautiful building

From ten until five

We’ll all come alive

We people from all over Scotland

To the sound of applause

We’ll shout


They’re sadly too many to mention

This devious ruse

That they’ve sent to confuse

We’re hoping we’ll attract some attention

So, as the time it draws near

Let us make one thing clear

If you cheat

We’ll declare Independence

By Helen Armet


See you all there.


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