Marwick Head,Orkney

Marwick Head FGEarly April is always a good time to visit Orkney’s more popular spots before our summer visitors come.

Marwick Bay and the walk up to the Kitchener Memorial was very quiet except for the call of a few sea birds.

The Kitchener Memorial was put up by the people of Orkney to mark the spot where HMS Hampshire went down in 1916 taking with it Britain’s Secretary of State for War, Earl Kitchener and 737 men. Only 12 survived.

The path up to the memorial was a peedie bit muddy but firm enough under foot.

The work that has been done on the Kitchener Memorial itself is a credit to all those who accomplished that project whether they were fundraisers, researchers or involved in the actual physical work.

The wall dedicated to all the men and boys lost on HMS Hampshire and HM Drifter Laurel Crown is tastefully done and a fitting tribute.

In the height of summer this area can be quite busy and for those visitors who make the climb up to the cliffs the views are rewarding.

Take your time if you are on this walk to watch for birds or just to relax and take in the views.

And if you cannot make it up to the memorial – Marwick Bay itself is a pleasure to spend some time in.

Watch: Marwick Head 2018

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. Ey up Fiona- following on from your last sentence…………..funnily enough, I have a piece ready about….Marwick Bay! All ready but for the photos – and then we caught colds and so, couldn’t go out over the holiday.
    Watch this space………………

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