Poetry Corner: The Sair Finger

On this day, 15th April in 1865, children’s poet Walter Wingate was born in Dalry, Ayrshire. Wingate was the son of David Wingate, a noted local poet in Ayrshire, known as the ‘Collier Poet’. Walter was also a noted watercolour artist in his lifetime, but is best remembered today for his volume of children’s poetry which was published in 1919. His poems such as ‘Sair Finger’ are much loved for their gentle humour. ScotClans

pinkie fingerThe Sair Finger By Walter Wingate

You’ve hurt your finger? Puir wee man!
Your pinkie? Deary me!
Noo, juist you haud it that wey till
I get my specs and see!

My, so it is – and there’s the skelf!
Noo, dinna greet nae mair.
See there – my needle’s gotten’t out!
I’m sure that wasna sair?

And noo, to make it hale the morn,
Put on a wee bit saw,
And tie a Bonnie hankie roun’t
Noo, there na – rin awa’!

Your finger sair ana’? Ye rogue,
You’re only lettin’ on.
Weel, weel, then – see noo, there ye are,
Row’d up the same as John!

The Sair Finger

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