Peace Vigil in Orkney “Don’t Bomb Syria”

Peace vigil 1

Around 25 people came together on Monday evening 16th April to protest at the illegal bombing of Syria by the US, France and UK in the early hours of Saturday morning.

All ages were present and some people had made placards. Even Prime Minister Theresa (I only get the bombs out for Donald) May made an appearance straight from the emergency debate in Westminster.

The vigil on the steps of the iconic St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, a building dedicated to a man of peace, had been arranged by the campaign group Orkney Resists.

You can read more about why the event was organised here: Don’t Bomb Syria Vigil to be Held in Orkney

The Orkney News live streamed the event to Facebook and YouTube.

Reporters: Fiona Grahame, Helen Armet,Kenny Armet



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  1. The two main headlines in yesterday evenings news were – the ludicrous interpretation of the immigration laws being implemented by this government, and – the illegality of the Syrian bombing.
    So – let’s hope for a vote of No Confidence in Theresa May, which could, just maybe, be the beginning of a possibility of sorting out some of the confusion we’re experiencing in Britain today.
    A different leader is the only way I can see out of this.

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