Letters: Lack of Psychiatric Unit at New Hospital

Dear Orkney News,

envelopeReaders may remember my letter which was published in  ‘The Orkney News’ of 22nd  March this year. Letters: Disappointment at no Inclusion of Psychiatric Unit at New Orkney Hospital

This letter received a lot of attention, at the time, both  as ‘shares’ and comments in ‘The Orkney News’, and also, folk contacting me, personally, saying how strongly they feel about this.  It’s surprising how many people are affected by these issues.  One lady suggested that a petition should be started, which I think is a good idea.  I won’t be the one to do it, though, as I am spectacularly bad at Internet stuff, and would be capable of losing all the signatures! A good idea though, for someone more computer literate?

The letter was also printed in ‘The Orcadian’.

I  sent the link to the letter in ‘The Orkney News’, to Liam McArthur and Alistair Carmichael,  both of whom replied saying that they strongly support the case I was putting in my letter, and that they had each written to the head of NHS Orkney, and would let me know the result.

Today, I received an email from Liam McArthur, including the reply he received from NHS Orkney. It’s worded in the usual corporate/office speak, but it’s still saying  “No”!

Liam assures me that he will continue to be active on this issue, for which I thanked him, and said that I will do the same.

So, people, if you felt strongly when you read my letter, and if you feel strongly now – please take action, contact anyone you can think of, politely but strongly stating how much you feel that a psychiatric unit is needed in the new hospital.

If you would like to see the correspondence between Liam and NHS Orkney, you could contact him about it.  Liam.McArthur.msp@parliament.scot

‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’.

Over to you.

Yours, Bernie Bell, Orkney

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  1. I’ve already had one response, sent to me personally, as follows………..

    “Very good that Liam has taken this up with the Chief Executive, but v. disappointing response. Can’t these people speak English??? It would helpful to know what the actual reasons are, behind the corporate ballookas. I suppose he’s saying that NHS Orkney can’t afford it, but I don’t suppose anyone has considered if they can afford not to.”

    The response to my first letter, showed me how many people are affected by this kind of trouble.
    If a lot of people on Orkney developed a skin condition which meant that they were covered in painful, unsightly sores – something would be done.
    To quote my friend, again -“You can see a broken leg, you can’t see a broken spirit.”

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