Independence March Through Glasgow

AUOB 1Tens of thousands marched through Glasgow on Saturday 5th May organised by All Under One Banner (AUOB) a  group dedicated to campaign for Scottish Independence. Organisers claimed there were between 70,000 and 90,000 taking part which included those who waited at the rallying point on Glasgow Green.

It was the largest demonstration in Glasgow since the one against the Iraq War in February 2003 when 70,000 took part. They marched to the Labour party conference at the SECC where Tony Blair was due to speak.

The demonstrators in Glasgow on Saturday had travelled there from all over Scotland and Europe. The 3 mile long route was marshalled by AUOB stewards and 22 Police Officers. Due to the number of marchers the police had  to split the march into 2 parts to allow traffic to flow.


At Glasgow Green the marchers had a rally with a variety of pro- Independence speakers.

George McIntyre-Kemp of Business for Scotland said:

“I have dedicated the last 6 years of my life, full time, to delivering independence for Scotland, and Business for Scotland never stopped campaigning we never stopped  making   the business and economic case for Independence.”

And he went on to describe how the campaign would continue

He said:

“In the next few weeks BfS will announce our new Scottish independence campaign. The first initiative will be the launch of our new Independence Ambassador Programme, but this time it’s not just for business people, we want to make our training, our resources, materials and funding available to everyone in the wider Yes movement.”

Several SNP MPs and MSPs were also present with Sandra White MSP also addressing the rally.

The All Under One Banner group have organised other marches to take place in Scotland over the year.



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