Muddisdale Woods Kirkwall

As part of this year’s Orkney Nature Festival there was a guided stroll through Muddisdale Woods, Kirkwall on Wednesday 16th of May with members of the Orkney Field Club and the RSPB.

Muddiesdale 13

The woods were planted as part of the islands Millenium Tree planting project and cover a large area with mixed planting. They are easily accessible and we parked at The Pickaquoy Centre before the short walk to the woods but there is limited parking at the entrance to them.

map of Muddiesdale

Planted by Orkney Islands Council special projects under the guidance of expert Jenny Taylor the trees are doing well.  The relatively sheltered spot is allowing a variety of species to grow including: downy birch, hazel, rowan, bird cherry and witch elm.

The area is popular with walkers – with dogs, with children – or without.

The trees are also homes to an increasing variety of wildlife and at this time of year the air fills with bird song.  Although this is a relatively new wood there was woodland in this area up until 1959.

What a wonderful resource to have and to enjoy in the town.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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