Brückenkopf Re-enactment Festival May 2018

Roving Orkney News reporter, Nick Morrison, attended the Re-enactment Festival at Brückenkopf-Park Jülich Germany.

The Mai Re-enactment  Festival at Brückenkopf (means bridgehead) is an annual event with a very wide range of historical periods being represented , even Romans on some years.

It also covers the crafts of these periods.

The Napoleonic Field Piece for example was alongside a wheelwright’s field workshop.

Re enactment Festival 2 N Morrison

Napoleonic Field Piece

Napoleonic era Field Piece and Limber complete with all its tools, rammer, swab, worm and slow match applicator/close quarters defence weapon.

Cooking was taking place using period equipment for example.

Re enactment Festival N Morrison

Your reporter was staggered to find the number of Scottish Clan Societies present The MacKinnon being but one of about half a dozen.

Vikings, Tartars and Pirates were also present this year.

Caliber machine gun as fitted to US WW2 aircraft.US Airforce Field HQ.British WW2 weapons:- Bren Gun, Sten Gun, Lee Enfield Rifles and a Webley Pistol.. British Field equipment.

Re enactment Festival N Morrison

Field Altar

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