International Women’s Day 2018

ZaraRather late to be writing this, but been inspired to.

I was very proud to be working with a fantastic group women to mark International Women’s Day (8th of March) this year in Shetland on the hundredth anniversary of some women getting the vote. The vote on the same basis as men was only achieved ten years later.

A very pleasant  and well attended evening was held  in the Staneyhill Hall , with many activities  being available,something that was thoroughly enjoyed by all attending.

Funds were raised  to support the important work being done by Shetland Woman’s Aid.

Earlier in the day the Suffragette flag had been raised over the Town Hall , something we had received support for from the Shetland Islands Council to do , and the flag itself having been crowd funded locally to  raise awareness of equality issues.

It was important for me to celebrate how far we have come in the past hundred years , but also to remember there is still work to do , women are still disadvantaged in different ways both locally and globally.

Votes for Women

By Djembayz via Wikimedia Commons

We celebrate what has been achieved  and become inspired by it to try and make a better future for our children , at least that’s what I have been inspired to do.

As the suffragettes said it is about “Deeds not Words“.

I would like to take another chance to thank every one who worked to make International Woman’s Day such a memorable experience.

Thank you


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