More Places for Trainee GP Doctors

85 additional places have been opened up for medical students wishing to specialise as GPs. The places are funded by the Scottish Government who have also announced that a new route for experienced healthcare professionals to enter medicine will also be introduced.

The GP training places will be available at the Universities of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Shona Robison, Health Secretary in the Scottish Government said:

Shona Robison

Shona Robison

“The innovative proposals from Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow universities will see 85 new places to specifically promote general practice as a long-term career for young doctors, and allow experienced healthcare professionals who may be interested in becoming doctors to enter medicine.

“The courses will include more involvement of GPs in teaching and assessment and enhanced GP placements in deprived and rural settings.

“While our new GP contract will make general practice a more attractive career by cutting workloads and giving doctors more time with patients, these new medical places are a further step we are taking to train and retain more family doctors in Scotland.”

60 of the additional places will begin in 2019-20 with 25 places beginning  in 2020-21


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  1. Perhaps Shona could have a word with some of the ‘Eminent’ Professors at said Uni’s who have a bad habit of discouraging and looking down their noses at student Docs who profess an interest in going into General Practice instead of Surgical or Physical Medicine.

    It would also be interesting if Shona could give us figures for the number of EU, Docs and Nurses who have packed-up and gone home since Brexit?

    • A bit like all the extra funding going into training extra educational psychologists when the service is being cut back on locally all over Scotland

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