Exhibition by Art & Textile Students

ExhibitionOrkney’s talented art and textile students will be showcasing their work from 18th to 27th of June at  Orkney College UHI, Kirkwall. 

The show produced by students of  BA Fine Art and Fine Art Textiles is open to the public from 10am to 5pm with late openings until 7pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Anne Bevan, Art & Design curriculum leader said;

“For her final year Degree Show, Beccy May has put together an ambitious solo exhibition in the main studio space in the Art & Design Department – it’s on a scale to rival the Sacchi Gallery! Beccy’s work is influenced by Zen Buddhist philosophy and visitors can look forward to some unexpected materials and experiences in her meditative installation.

“The rest of the department will showcase a whole range of work from students from continuing students in the BA Fine Art & Fine Art Textiles degree: photography, video, sculpture, painting, drawing, print and textiles. This includes  the sketchbooks – seeing the starting points of the many ideas that students develop and showing the depth of work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’.”

You can get some idea of the creative skills of the students at Orkney College Art Exhibition

Beccy May, Orkney College UHI Art & Design student said;

“In order to explore complicated philosophical ideas I have reduced my practice to working with simple shapes, especially the circle, using a variety of media, from paint and print to sculpture and video.

“By removing distraction this simple construct – ever present as it is in our everyday lives in the sun, the moon and in each other’s eyes – allows for deeper contemplation of more difficult questions.

“The circle has the capacity to embody diverse metaphorical and poetic experience: the infinite variety of life, the cyclical nature of our existence, and that we are transient, existing only for a moment in time.”

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