Lucha Ninja Warrior 2015 Time Commanders 2016

Lucha will be in Orkney to contend and aiming to win: the Caithness Pro Wrestling, Pride of The Islands Tournament this Saturday 7th July 2018 at the Pickaquoy Centre.

He trained at the PBW Academy in Glasgow by kid fight. He debuted in 2014 as lucha ds. He appeared as as lucha ds on series one of Ninja Warrior in May 2015. He then appeared on Time Commanders in 2016. He will soon be back on TV this October in a new comedy show.

He is currently working with 20 companies in the UK, as the High Flying Luchador. He is currently SWA tag team champion with the Scottish Luchadors.

He told us he will excite his fans old and new with his fast paced action.


You can follow him on twitter @luchads.

Report by Kenny Armet


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