“The North Sea Must Remain Super Puma Free”

unite the unionUnite the union  has welcomed Norway’s Accident Investigation Board (AIBN) report into the Airbus Super Puma helicopter that killed 13 people in April 2016.

The AIBN report concluded the fatal crash off the Norwegian coast was a result of metal ‘fatigue fracture’ in the helicopter’s gearbox.

Among the recommendations the AIBN have made is that the manufacturers Airbus should take another look at the design of the main gearbox of the Super Puma and the EU Commission must strengthen the information access which investigators should have in the event of a crash.

Unite regional officer, Tommy Campbell said:

We welcome this extremely important and thorough report by Norway’s Accident Investigation Board.

“It confirms what we have always known which is that Airbus are fully responsible for this fatal accident and the report’s findings will reinforce the stand being taken by offshore workers that the North Sea must remain Super Puma free.”  

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