Letters: Thoughts on the Football World Cup

Dear Orkney News,

envelopeWhen people are watching the football, 15 July 2018, I would remind them that Croatia became an independent country as recently as 1992 and many thought Croatia could never survive on it’s own having once been part of the much larger state of Yugoslavia.

Yet despite it’s size – it has a population of approximately 4.6 million people (smaller than Scotland’s population) it’s economy and society are doing well in the modern world and their Football Association has had the freedom to develop their sport in a way that is going to make it’s country proud when the team play in this year’s World Cup Final.

 What would you and other Scots give to be in their position?

Ian Carse, Orkney

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  1. Being no follower of the ‘Great Religion’ football where devout adherents will try and sit in front of their tellies and watch every game. Yet if you gave them a globe of the world many wouldn’t be able to place the countries involved.

    My main gripe is with the BBC & ITV who in their ‘National News’ broadcasts where they are supposed to cover important events in the world, in Europe and around the Home ‘Nations’. Instead for the last four weeks or so we’ve suffered anything up to 80% devoted to the English football team and their supporters and to hell with everything else and with no regard to many of the rest of us who could not give a damn. By all means show the game but for goodness sake get rid of the hours of verbal diarrhoea from Lineker and co before and after every match.

    But, a final question, why does this afternoons match have to be shown simultaneously on BBC & ITV and how much of our money (Licence Fee) is the BBC shelling out for this?

  2. Also see https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/07/15/sporting-matters-bringing-it-all-back-home/

    My gripe is…..I don’t watch a lot of telly, but, when I do want to watch something, and one of the main channels is football, the other is tennis, and another is cycling – I do wonder why, as there are so many channels now, these big events can’t be covered on those channels, and leave us non-sporting people to watch a bit of telly in peace.

    • Amen to that Bernie but I’d make a few exceptions, games involving National Teams should be available on Terrestrial TV, but only in the country involved i.e. Scotland matches in Scotland etc.

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