Orkney Student Graham Sinclair is Simply the Best

Graham Sinclair Orkney College UHIGraham Sinclair, who is studying HND Computer Science at Orkney College UHI, has been named as Best Class Representative in the Annual Highlands and Islands Students’ Association (HISA) Awards.

The annual awards are judged by a student panel and winners are selected on the quality of the nomination.

Orkney College UHI Principal Dr Bill Ross said:

“I am delighted that Graham Sinclair has been voted ‘Best Class Representative’ in the Highlands and Islands Students Association (HISA) annual awards.

“HISA is a growing strength within the University and it is the work of Class Representatives that forms the all-important link between the learning experience of students and the College.

“Graham has been very diligent at representing the interests of fellow students and he makes a really welcome contribution to shaping the life of the College and enhancing the student experience. Very well done Graham!”

The 2018 winners which includes all staff and students are :

  •  Most Inspiring Lecturer: Geoff Wright, West Highland College UHI
  •  Most Engaging Video Conference Tutor: Dr Eddie Graham, Lews Castle College UHI
  •  Most Engaging Online Tutor: Gillian Shaw, Inverness College UHI
  • Best Assessment Feedback: June Schulte, Perth College UHI
  • Best Personal Academic Tutor: Alice Mongiello, Inverness College UHI
  • Best Research or Dissertation Supervisor: Tara Morrison, Inverness College UHI
  • Best Support Staff: Martin Cameron, Highland Theological College UHI
  • Best Engagement with the Student Voice: Student – Nicole Bebbington, North Highland College UHI
  • Best Contribution to Clubs and Societies: Holly MacLean, Inverness College UHI
  • Best Class Representative: Graham Sinclair, Orkney College UHI

HISA president, Alan Simpson, said:

“The HISA Awards are an important opportunity to recognise and thank individuals who have made a valuable contribution to students’ learning experience.

This year we received nominations from every academic partner for the first time and recorded a record number of 428 nominations, which was over 100 more than last year! The level of interaction with the awards speaks to the high regard our students have for their lecturers, tutors, support staff and peers, and the great work that’s happening across the University of the Highlands and Islands.”

Dr Iain Morrison, dean of students, commented:

“You cannot fool students: they are experts in their own learning and can astutely and quickly identify staff who know what they are doing. The fact that a record number of university staff were nominated for these awards, by a record number of students, is testimony to the high quality of our lecturers, support staff and student representatives across the entire organisation.

“We are very proud of our colleagues and to have so many students recognise their hard work, commitment and expertise means that they are also appreciated by the people about whom they care most at work: their students.”

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