Poetry Corner: “Spellsongs”

By Bernie Bell

[an update on The Lost Words by Jackie Morris and Robert MacFarlane. Musicians, including Orkney’s own Kris Drever, have become involved in spreading the words……….. Listen out for ‘Spellsongs ]

Jackie M & Mr. Mac
Were having a discussion.
They were appalled
At the loss of words
And decided to take action.

They planted the seed of an idea,
You could call it an acorn.
It grew and grew
And grew and grew,
And more ideas were born.

The root went down,
The stem went up,
And put out many branches
Books for schools, for old folks – all
Then, further happenstances.

Musicians heard the calling spells,
They answered with their vision.
The words, the images
Became sounds,
All one, without division.

The spell-songs ring
The voices sing
Instruments join the chorus.
The vision expands
Throughout the land
Restoring the words –
For us.

Lost Words


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