It doesn’t have to be big….to be a garden: Idea No. 12

Reuse &  Recycle

gardening 12 B BellBroken wooden pallets  from Orkney Zerowaste, driftwood and bits of an old fence. All have gone into making 2 excellent compost bins .

” There were some good pallets there, but the lady we spoke to, said they were needed on site, but… there were some old, broken ones, too, so we took those.  In fact, they were easier to deal with, as they didn’t need so much taking apart.

“Some manky old pallets, a bit of hard work, and……TA-DAH!  Here are our lovely compost bins, made mostly of  pallets form Orkney Zero Waste, with a bit of old fence, and some drift-wood.  This means we can now compost our grass cuttings and kitchen scraps, instead of them going to waste.”

By Bernie Bell



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  1. That’s my lot, folks. Do any other Orkney News readers have advice on how to re-use and re-cycle, in the garden, or …anywhere? Has anyone noticed the that the taxi place in Kirkwall, just along from Re-start Orkney, have used piles of old tyres to mark off their ‘patch’? And the tyres are held together by ropework by Mark Cook, as previously featured in TON.

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