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Heimatmann,11:87 Theatre Company at Edinburgh Fringe

Heimatmann by John Casey will be performed at the Edinburgh Festival Free Fringe, Mockingbird Venue 441, August 2nd – 26th.

A lone German came within minutes of assassinating Hitler and saving sixty million souls destined to perish in WW2. Now a beer swilling, joke telling elderly ghost, he recounts how he tried to destroy the Nazi war machine. He searches for what made him say:

‘No. You will not lead us into another war. I will stop you.

Featuring traditional German folk music and an original song.


  • Georg John Casey
  • Singer Jessie Waterfield
  • Musical Director Josephine Lopp
  • Script Editor Don Crerar

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Website: www.1187theatrecompany.co.uk

Facebook: @1187TheatreCompany


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