It doesn’t have to be big….to be a garden: Idea No. 13

Old Sinks

gardening 13 B Bell

I tried making a water feature in this old sink  – but the plants didn’t stand a chance in a small amount of freezing cold water! So, I got a shiny gold orb and some gravel instead.  Add some Yellow Loosestrife, Meadow Sweet and a reedy thing, growing around it, and, a generally watery theme happens…

Bernie Bell


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  1. I love this one Bernie, I’ve liked them all, but this one speaks to me. Kenny shall now need to be on the lookout for an old sink aquarium and a golden orb fish. Hx

  2. Years ago, I told my niece that we were looking out for an old ceramic sink – her husband, Donal, put the word out, and he ended up with three! So, we had one, they used one as a sink when they did up their kitchen, and the other one is the sink in Donal’s bike shed.
    I realise that this all sounds a bit fell-off-the-back-of-a-lorry-dodgy! Not at all – this is in Ireland, and Donal knows an awful lot of folk, so, word goes out, and people give stuff they don’t want.
    Originally, when we lived in Suffolk, it was a water feature, with a tiny little lily, and roses going up trellis either side.
    Watch out in charity shops for orbs – glass paperweights are an alternative – or Wellpark – they have shiny orbs sometimes.
    Yous two might like to come and see the garden? Before autumn hits!

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