Beware of Scam Callers

cat on phoneA reader of The Orkney News has asked us to pass on this information about a scam doing the rounds.

“At about quarter to eleven this morning, I picked up a message from our answer-phone. This message purported to be from HM Revenue & Customs. It was a recorded message – not a person.

“The message said it was “an extremely time-sensitive issue”, and that I was to call a number – 01163180705. It also said that I was not to disregard the message, and that if they did not hear from me or my Solicitor, I should, and I quote. “Get ready to face the legal consequences.”

“This to me, smacked of baloney of the highest order, so, I ignored it. I rang the non–emergency police number – 101 – and the lady I spoke with said that it is a scam, which is happening a lot at the moment.

“She gave me a number to call to report fraud, and a website address to email the same department with the details.”

The number to ring, is 033001232040 and the website is: Action Fraud

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  1. The main thing is – and this can’t be emphasised enough – do not respond to these calls, or contact these scammers in any way, and do report them – as that helps the Police and the fraud investigators to build up a picture of patterns emerging.


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