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As we’ve seen from a recent post in the Orkney News, Orkney is no different when it comes to our ever changing high streets. Shop closures often resulting from online sales, and people having less disposable income in their pockets, but like other high streets Orkney has an abundance of charity shops which is great news for those either on a low income or just more inclined to recycle. Over the next few weeks I am going to highlight our “recycling centres”, starting this week with Restart Orkney and Employability Orkney.

Restart Orkney and Employability Orkney

This is one of my regular stops on our Saturday stroll around all of the Charity Shops in Orkney; situated in Kirkwall on Junction road with parking for around three vehicles, this is a warren of treasures which has been a part of the Orkney community for around 10 years.

Whether you are looking for an electric whisk, a dinner set, a sideboard or a three piece suite this is the place for you. Everything is set out either within their main building or in their recently opened annex, I am sure there is something for everyone and is well worth a rummage. I can certainly, and do, easily spend a good half an hour searching through all the knicks and knacks available. All you need is a few pence or pounds in your pocket an imagination or a lack of haste to find that must have item, as invariably it usually will turn up as long as you are not one of those folk that need everything yesterday.

Amongst my recent acquisitions are a food-mixer £5, which is extremely handy when filming my baking videos, an oriental screen painted scroll, ( my wee extravagance £10) ideal for hanging beside my sideboard which is filled with Buddhas, elephants, and lanterns the majority of which also have had previous owners, and the top of a living room unit £35, which we have painted up and turned into a kitchen unit.

As well as offering an affordable alternative in retail therapy, Restart Orkney & Employability Orkney offer supported paid employment and voluntary work for people who may find getting into other employment hard. It also helps people fill out application forms; and offers a buddy type system to some entering into the workplace for a few days, helping with learning their new job which is a great help in giving people confidence when taking their next step in life.

A valuable service which in turn benefits those of us with a penchant to guddle. So please, next time you are having a clear out have a think, is this not really too good for the bin? Remember one person’s rubbish can potentially be another persons helping hand. Find out what is in stock on the facebook page


 Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm

62 Junction Road


Call 01856 879777

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Reporter Helen Armet



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