Drone Laws & Consultation

From the 30th of July new laws came into force about the flying of drones restricting the flight to under 400 feet or 120m

It is also against the law to  fly a drone within 1km of an airport or airfield boundary.

As part of the Air Navigation Order those breaching these restrictions “will face penalties of up to £2,500 and could also be charged with recklessly or negligently acting in a manner likely to endanger an aircraft or any person in an aircraft, which can carry a penalty of up to 5 years imprisonment.”


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More information can be found here: Drone Safe

The UK Government is also running a consultation on the use of drones.

Proposals suggested:

  • police issuing fixed penalty notices to those disregarding drone rules
  • using new counter-drone technology to protect public events and critical national infrastructure and stop contraband reaching prisons
  • introducing minimum age restrictions for drone owners in addition to the new tests they will need to take
  • proposals for regulating and mandating the use of ‘apps’ on which pilots would file flight plans ahead of take-off

The drone industry in the UK is highly successful and drones have many beneficial uses – including inspecting areas instead of sending in helicopters and to assist in  search and rescue operations.

The consultation closes on 17th September 2018 follow the link to find more or to take part: Drone legislation: use, restrictions and enforcement

Additional Information: Using Drones In Scotland

Reporter: Fiona Grahame


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  1. I don’t like drones.
    As with much of ‘new technology’, I can see that they have some very valuable applications when used correctly – but…..privacy. That one word, covers my main objection.
    My other objection is……I know someone who, as a psychotherapist, has noticed an increase in people coming to her with emotional problems connected to the dominance of their mobile phone. It is up to them, they don’t have to have one, but….everyone does, so….everyone does. She described these people as feeling that they have “nowhere to hide”. Not that they have something to hide, in a bad way! Just, they have nowhere to ‘hide’, nowhere to be themselves, nowhere to get away from the whirlpool of the world today. So – add to this the possibility of drones, buzzing about, and, I believe, that a feeling that they have nowhere to hide, nowhere to be alone, be themselves, think quietly, will find a place somewhere deep in the human psyche. I believe these things to be vital to our well-being as human beings. We are a fretful species at the best of times – we need more things to help us to feel safe – to feel that we have somewhere which is ‘ours’ – not less. Even if that ‘somewhere’, is a quiet place, inside ourselves.
    There’s also the noise. Buzzzzzzz. Buzzzzzz. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    It’s bad enough, that folk feel a need to have their mobile phones with them, and switched on, at all times, even when taking what should be some ‘me time’, but, on occasion, they might turn the dratted mobile phone off, they might plan/hope to have some real peace, and then – the buzzzzzz of a drone intrudes.
    I really, really don’t like them. Thank goodness, I’ve never experienced this happening – yet. If I did, and I could get away with it, I’d shoot the dratted thing down!

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