Poetry Corner: Little Doot

Queen Anne a tinted engraving from an atlas commissioned by Augustus the Strong (Duke of Saxony), 1706-1710.

On this day 5th August  1704, the Act of Security was passed by the Scottish Parliament. The Act of Security, which allowed the Three Estates to choose another successor to Queen Anne than the choice made by the English Parliament, if Scottish conditions were not met, was approved by the Scottish Parliament.

The English responded with the Alien Act (1705) which demanded that if the Scots did not accept the Hanoverian succession, or begin proceedings on a union of parliaments, then Scottish imports to England would be banned and Scots living in England would be treated as aliens. Scotclans

Little Doot

Little Doot 1There’s little doot that in oor spine

A weakness gers us tae the line,

An maks us turn oor cheek tae slaps

Administered by English chaps,

Who can’t believe their British luck

That all our famous Scottish pluck

Appears to be preserved for games

Where beaten we can call them names.


Little Doot 2There’s little doot that we’ve been fools

Whae’s played the gemme tae English rules.

Hammer’t sair an soondly beaten

By the yins brocht up at Eton.

Sapped an weaken’t by Scottish lice

Whae’s whoorish acts’ll nae suffice

Until the land they claim their ain

Is classified English domain.


There’s little doot that Devolution

Is anither convolution,

Little Doot 3Presentit noo wi cunnin guile

For haudin oan tae Scottish ile;

While oor Scottish aspirations

Waste away in perorations

Delivered fierce for toothless Bill

Tae keep us thralled tae England still.


There’s little doot we’ve still tae get

The ruthless speerit in us yet.

Little Doot 4The speerit tae complete the turn

An plan a modern Bannockburn;

Where votes will win oor Scottish state

An in oor country, Free an Great,

Wi coward quislins aw cast oot

We’ll find oorsels wi little doot.



By Christie Grahame ( written in 1976)



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