Noel Donaldson: Banana didn’t get seal of approval

What’s this?..a seal going bananas!

Sammy thought it would make a welcome change from all that fishy stuff.
But it didn’t take him long to discover that things aren’t always what they seem at sea…there was no banana, just the skin.
Seal 3
The fruitless deception was a ploy by two anglers in a bid to lure Sammy away from their fishing mark at the north river pier at Wick.
Maybe the fishers should have left the banana inside its skin.

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Noel Donaldson is a talented photographer who bides in Wick but is a frequent visitor to Orkney.

We hope you enjoy a sample of some of his excellent work which he has agreed to let us publish over the next few editions.

To contact Noel e:mail

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