Poetry Corner: Stations In Life

By Richard Wallace


I would live in a croft if you wanted.

I could live in a hole in the ground.

I would live in a cave if it suited

or a wharf if there’s one to be found.


I would live in a shack if you liked it.

The back of a car would be fine.

I could live in a tent if it need be;

a boat house would be a great find.


But I can’t live with what you’ve presented.

I know that you always meant well.

The high side of living could tempt me

in more ways than I’d care to tell.


The low side of me would soon surface.

You could carry me just for so long.

It is me that would be my undoing;

I know this; I know I’m not wrong.


It’s my roots that would be my undoing.

With my roots is where I belong.

It’s my roots that carry me forward.

It is not fair to you, it is wrong.


So with fondness I’ll always think of you.

With love I’ll remember your smile.

The lilt in your laugh I’ll be missing;

what we had was so fine all the while.


So goodnight now and don’t think tomorrow.

Goodnight now, I know that you’ll cry.

What we had was the best, now it’s over,

it’s best that we now say goodbye.

forget me not

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