Set In Stone

The Northlight Gallery in Stromness was full on Friday evening for the preview to Deeanna Foran’s debut exhibition, of poems and pottery.

Seventeen year old Deeanna from Stromness has found writing poetry a way to express herself stating, “growing up with autism isn’t easy, but my poetry gives me an outlet for expressing myself in my own way”, she has been writing poetry since she was young.

She told me that being able to create pottery to enhance her poems has been really exciting and that the works themselves only took 9 weeks in the making; which absolutely blew me away as the work is so exquisite that I can only begin to imagine the passion and dedication involved in making her pieces. The work so compliments the poems you find yourself going round and round the room rereading and studying each and every one.

Deeanna had managed to sell four of her pieces already with many more to choose from. Kenny had his eye on the rainbow which was titled Outcast but someone had beaten him to the purchase.Outcast Pic

Elaine Henderson became Deeanna’s pottery mentor, but this in itself was a challenge to be overcome. “When I was first introduced to Elaine I was quite nervous because it was something new and I knew pottery involved getting dirty, which I don’t like”. She was soon to learn that there was much more to pottery than just making pots and vases.

Deeanna stated “I started pottery sessions with Elaine last year, as part of my work with the Connect Project, and put a piece of my poetry onto clay, just to try it.” but she soon discovered it was a superb way of complimenting her pottery.

On the exhibitions information paper Elaine said, “I was very moved when I first read some of Deeanna’s poetry, some of which had been simply stitched on scraps of material, and thought there was so much potential for expression in clay. I was consequently delighted to be asked to help with this present project, and have seen a growing confidence in Dee with every new piece, even though not everything went to plan.”

Set in Stone is in Northlight Gallery, Graham Place, Stromness from Saturday 25th August – Thursday 30th August. 10am – 4pm. and is well worth a visit to see the unique talent that is Deeanna Foran.

Reporter Helen Armet

Photography Kenny Armet

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  1. I’ve just been to see this (twice, in fact). It’s simply stunning! I was completely bowled over by Deanna’s words and art – personal, direct, gets you straight in the heart. I really hope that Deanna publishes the words and images in a book, so that others can take home to read, be comforted, be inspired, and to enjoy! I don’t know what else to say – just go and see for yourself. You’ll have to be quick, as it finishes tomorrow lunchtime! But I’m sure there will be more to come…

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