Dales Voe, Shetland Identified for Deep Water Facility

Shetland has been identified for  an ultra-deep water port. The site at Dales Voe has been identified for large scale decommissioning work after a UK wide study.

Sandra Laurenson, Chief Executive of Lerwick Port Authority, said:

“Official identification of Dales Voe in a nation-wide feasibility study as the optimal location for the UK’s ultra deep-water decommissioning facility is a welcome endorsement of our belief that this is an excellent future opportunity for Shetland.

“Such a development would benefit the country, greatly strengthening capabilities in a highly-competitive international market. We look forward to working with the Scottish Government, including Highlands and Islands Enterprise, industry and others on the next steps necessary for such a significant investment to be realised.”

Dales Voe Shetland

Paul Wheelhouse , Energy Minister in the Scottish Government said:

Paul Wheelhouse

“I believe investment in a deep water port will unlock the potential for Scotland to secure the largest decommissioning contracts that require the largest heavy lift vessels currently in operation in the North Sea.

“A deep water port in Scotland will bring significant benefits not only for a single location, but as a key part of an integrated and networked Scotland wide decommissioning offering, with wider opportunities realised through the supply chain.

“We will continue to engage with industry to measure expected demand and to ensure that investment in a deep water facility will bring the widest possible economic benefit and most substantive boost to the decommissioning supply chain in Scotland.”

Dales Voe Shetland by Colin Smith

Dales Voe Shetland by Colin Smith


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