Loans Made Available for Self-Builds

house-2079057_960_720People who want to self build their homes and who are unable to get a standard bank loan can now apply for one from The Highland Small Communities Housing Trust (HSCHT).

The Scottish Government has made available £4million for the loans.

 Ronnie MacRae, Chief Executive of HSCHT,  said:

“HSCHT are delighted to have been confirmed as agents for the self-build loan fund and following the success of the Highland pilot we are sure this will be a key fund for Scotland.

“The SBLF sitting alongside the many other positive Scottish Government initiatives such as the Rural & Islands Housing Funds, Scottish Land Fund and other initiatives that HSCHT can facilitate, provide communities with the tools to ensure they remain sustainable by providing a range of housing options.

“Whilst not yet back to where it was self/custom-build is again a growing market and we’re excited to be working with Scottish Government and a range of partners to ensure that this remains the case and self/custom-build goes from strength to strength as a housing option”.

For more information about the loan visit The Highlands Small Communities Housing Trust.


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