Rebirth of Freedom

ZaraToday Catalans (both born and they who have chosen to become Catalans as like being Scottish it is not a matter of where you came from but where you are going) are remembering both the loss of their freedom in 1714 and actively working to implement the republic peacefully and to create prosperous inclusive and outward looking country.

If we value the ideals of freedom and self-determination, to have democracy respected and for change to be through voting and not violence. For governments to not jail people for being in opposition to  their policies.

We should, we must stand with the people of Catalonia , where hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets to stand up for the hard fought for values of a modern Europe. They are an inspiration,  todays’ protests will be an example of hope over fear and a chance to seize the day!

The Spanish government is still determined to put the political prisoners on trial for rebellion, this for the  “crime”  of actually carrying out the mandate they were elected to carry out. We usually complain that politicians did not do what they promised when standing for election here they did and they are imprisoned or in exile for it and this in a member state of the European Union and yet the EU sees no evil hears no evil and says absolutely nothing.

Recently I have been accused by some publicly of being too focused on local matters that some would deem of not being important in achieving freedom and equality, so I am going on record here, I fully support the establishment of the Catalan Republic as a free and independent nation with the ability for it to act in the best interest of the entire community of Catalonia to live free from the threat of violence and intimidation.

The new Republic will have the opportunity to remove the ghost of Franco from its politics, and to build a better future for all who live in Catalonia and be strong voice for equality and freedom at the heart of Europe, all this can be achieved and it will be.

Catalonia will be free and so will Scotland and we stand with our friends and our sister nation.

We fight for the right to build more moral nations that work for the many not the few and that cherishes all the children of the nation equally wherever they may have arrived from.

Enjoy La Diada and keep fighting the good fight.

Live long and Prosper

Zara Pennington


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  1. When someone first ‘had a go’ at me for what I’d written in The Orkney News, a good friend wrote to me and said……….

    “The first rule of posting anything in an online environment where feedback can be added is that you will get negative comments.
    The second rule is don’t get sucked into an online argument with them. ”

    I took heart from this, and realised that, if I stick my neck out, someone is likely to try to chop my head off!
    I’m not sure why you have been accused of only focussing on local issues as….you don’t do that. You write of wide-ranging subjects, and, even if you did focus on local issues, each part of the world, affects all of the world. Local is Global. A regard for freedom and equality, often starts with values learnt at home.
    I risk wittering, so I’ll stop.
    Just to say, keep on keeping on, Zara – local is global, and…………..some folk will criticize anything – it’s kind-of a hobby with them. If they weren’t criticizing you, they’d be criticizing someone else. In these situations, I tend to ask….”And what do you do?”

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