Orkney is top for health, wellbeing & happiness

Local MSP Maree Todd, SNP, has welcomed a new report which names Orkney as one of the most vibrant places to live and work in Scotland. (The geography of vibrancy)

For health, wellbeing and happiness, Orkney ranks one. Orkney also received the top score for community, trust and belonging, according to new research published by consultancy firm Grant Thornton.

The ‘Vibrant Economy Index’ measured areas based on six key social and economic objectives to achieve an overall score. The survey of 32 local authorities explored a range of factors including dynamism, opportunity, inclusion, equality, prosperity, health, wellbeing, and happiness, rather than just measuring the GDP of an area.

Maree Todd said:

Maree Todd“This is excellent news for Orkney.

“A healthy, happy and inclusive community, as well as a vibrant economy is beneficial to everybody, and this report is a welcome endorsement of the Scottish Government’s efforts to boost the local economy, create opportunities and build a positive future for all.

“It is welcome news that Orkney continues to thrive and prosper, even at a time when there is a massive amount of uncertainty over what the impact of Brexit will be.

“To guarantee that in future years, we need to protect jobs and investment in Orkney by maintaining Scotland’s place in the European single market and customs union.

“The SNP will continue to drive forward the economy in Orkney, building a fairer, more prosperous Scotland where people and business can flourish.”

June 20th 2 Kirkwall

A Summer’s Night Kirkwall Harbour June 20th 2017 (K Armet)


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