‘Tis the season to see fungi – 8

Name that fungi – number 8

I do know what this one is called, and am  going to risk a ‘spoiler’, because it’s so interesting. It’s called Slime Mold, and Slime Molds were formerly classified as fungi but are no longer considered part of that kingdom. It fascinates me.

fungi 8 slime mould

I’m told that it moves, but it moves veeeeery slowly. This film, proves it…………………..

By Bernie Bell


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  1. Yesterday’s was possibly a Conical wax-cap, or it might be another Blackening Wax-cap . Oh dear.
    Glad to have moved on to something I can recognize – the wonderful world of Slime Mold. They can be paler – almost white – or very yellow. Not the tiniest bit tempted to eat one!
    Mike describes them as being ‘”A strange amoebic organism”. They are the stuff that horror films are made of – giant Slime Molds, creeping across the land, absorbing………..

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