Autism and Learning Disability in the Mental Health (Scotland) Act – Important Survey

An independent review is taking place on how the Mental Health (Scotland)Act  2015 affects  people with a learning disability or who have autism.

What the Review is

About the review easy read information

More information here: what the review is

survey for Mental Health Scotland Act 1

The independence of the review means that it does not take a party political or government  view. Your responses are very important to it.

A Human Rights approach is central to the review and how it is conducted. As part of the process there is a survey to take part in.

Who takes part in the survey?

  • People with learning disability
  • Autistic people
  • Carers or family members
  • Professionals
  • Groups or organisations that represent people

You can find the online surveys by clicking on the link: Surveys

The Survey closes on 30th of November 2018

Survey for Mental Health Scotland Act 2


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